Top Five Web Design Trends For 2020

Every designer, who wants to succeed in this business, is interested in being up to date with the latest news and solutions in this filed. If you’re going to achieve a more significant number of clients and improve your business, then it’s necessary to know about the current trends. The web design should be unique, but also, it provides IT, experts, a lot of creativity. By following the trends, every designer should monitor the trends because web design requires constant improvement and learning. So, let see what trends will mark 2020.

Geometric Shapes

This trend initially stared in 2016, it gained popularity in 2017, and it will continue to grow in 2020. By using geometric forms, it is possible to accomplish excellent results. First of all, the design material shapes are highly recommended in web design.

Create unique pictures and Graphics

The web design allows web designers to express a lot of creativity, but, the initial concept should be exclusive content, images, and video. Graphic design has become the part of ordinary web design, but its full potential isn’t yet discovered. So, we expect that 2020 will change that and graphics will gain more popularity.

Bright colors

The bright colors can shape your bold character and the message you are trying to convey. Color transition is among the contemporary trends in Web design. For example, the Instagram company was the first one who applied this rule and turned the things on the IT market. Considering this trend was highly popular in 2017, we expect it will continue in 2020. But, keep in mind to mix different shades of colors in order to avoid flashy colors.

Photo content

This trend remains relevant in 2020, and many businesses will avoid content and present it in pictures. There is a simple reason for this, more than 60% of internet users believe in unique photographs, and they are usually decisive factors when some purchase is in order. In this case, e-stores should give pictures maximum attention because having the great photos will determine the success of your business.


Nowadays you can see animated objects almost anywhere. But, they are gaining more on superior quality because they want to provide a real and smooth effect which will be pleasing to the eyes. They have succeeded to capture the attention of the visitors, and we think they will continue to develop in 2020.

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